The Journey to the Nativity (Advent & Christmas Resources 2020)

Adapted by Rev. Wendy Tucker from material compiled
by Rev. Laura Faturoti

This advent and Christmas season is likely to be like none we have experienced before. Who knew when we were having to celebrate Lent and Easter at home that we would be doing the same for Advent and Christmas? Well, here we are, still with uncertainty about the future, but still serving and worshipping an unchangeable and faithful God.

People have said that Christmas is cancelled this year, but this could not be further from the truth. Advent is the time of waiting and hoping and longing for the promises of God to be fulfilled, and Christmas is the time when we remember that God came down, to a broken and hurting world, and stepped in to the mess with love, hope, light and peace. If anything, there is no year in the lifetimes of most of us when these messages have been more needed or need to be more central to our lives.

As we journey towards Christmas again this year nothing has changed about the story, despite all else that is going on in our world, but the lens through which we view it is definitely different. Rev Wendy, our minister offers you some poems, prayers and things to think about as you journey once more to that stable. Perhaps you could look at something every day as you open your Advent calendar or light your Advent candle. What new perspectives might we have on the journey, on each of the characters, on the very Incarnation itself, God choosing to come to God’s people as one of us. For whatever is happening, and whatever the future holds God is with us!

However there’s no particular set way to use these resources. There are reflections and prayers that you can use at any time, along with some activities that you might find useful. Use them however is helpful for you, but we would encourage you to try to set some time aside to use this season to focus on God and his promises and the coming of Jesus.

We may or may not be able to join together and worship in the church buildings over this time, but whether we can or not, we know that God is active, present and working wherever we are, and the love of God binds us together, even when we have to be apart

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