New! Bible Study for the Autumn


All are welcome to join our Autumn 5 week Bible Study, which has been expertly put together by one of our ex-ministers, Rev Keith Burton. If you undertook Keith’s summer bible study on 1 Peter during Lockdown, then you will find a familiar pattern. However is not directly connected, other than both being in the New Testament, so it perfect even if you didn’t know about, or manage to start, the summer study. We will begin week commencing Sunday 11 October 2020 but the studies can be done at an individual rate.  

We hope it can be arranged to include 2 zoom sessions to allow for questions and shared comments.  These dates and times will be fixed later.


Week 1  COLOSSIANS 1; 1-2
Introduction to Colossians
Letter Opening – Address & Greeting

Week 2 COLOSSIANS 1;3-23
Opening Thansgiving and Intercessory Prayer   1;3-12
Thanksgiving and Application of Praise of Christ 1;13-23

Week 3 COLOSSIANS 1;24 – 3;4
Relation of Gospel and Readers 1;24-2;5
Exhortation re The Philosophy 2;6-34

Week 4 COLOSSIANS 3;5 – 4;
General Exhortation

Week 5 COLOSSIANS 4; 7-18
Concluding exhortation and Closing.

Materials are available online by email and also paper mail.

PLEASE contact Keith Burton on 01666577330 or to sign up for the material either by email or snail mail 

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