Recent Visits to ‘Together from 12’ Lunch club

We were very pleased to be visited by both Chris Brierley, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire, and Rev. James Tebbutt, Gloucestershire Methodist circuit superintendent recently. Both had a great time talking with our lunch club members, hearing about their stories and even lending a hand in the kitchen.

The ‘Together from Twelve’ lunch club has proved very popular with locals in Cirencester, with around 28 people regularly being served each week. ‘We meet so many people for whom the lunch club is a real highlight of their week. Through the work of the Church, in partnership with Severnview food, we aim to reduce loneliness and isolation whilst also providing space for those suffering from dementia and their partners’ said Anton Wynn, Ashcroft’s mission and outreach worker.

The suggested donation is £5.00 for a three course meal, with two choices per course, but if money is a issue then we ask that people talk with us as we want to welcome everyone.

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