God in Love Unites Us: Marriage and Relationships Workshop

Wednesday 29th January, 7.30pm at Christ Church Tetbury.

This workshop is open to everyone in the Circuit to support discussions around the Marriage and Relationships Report (you can view the report here or at www.methodist.org.uk/about-us/the-methodist-church/marriage-and-relationships-2019/the-2019-marriage-and-relationships-report/) presented to the 2019 Conference.

The recommendations contained within this report is submitted for discussion by the wider church for consultation during 2019-20, with a final decision being made at the July 2020 Conference. This workshop will be led by Revd John Hellyer.

We, the Methodist people, have been on a “Pilgrimage of Faith” over the last 25 years to discover how we can better express our love for God in how we love one another, and enable each other to love. Many courageous steps have already been taken. It has not been easy. We do not all agree. Sadly, we have sometimes hurt one another and have been tempted to part company over these issues of love. For the questions at the heart of this pilgrimage are fundamentally about how we can live and love appropriately. Looking at these relationships raises questions about the nature of marriage, cohabitation, living in relationships and living with different sexualities. These questions cut right to the very identity of who we are, and who those we love are and can be. Our Pilgrimage of Faith has challenged us to listen and to learn from each other and to move together. Sometimes, we find it hard to understand why others do not see things as we do. Yet as the Methodist people, we have chosen to journey on together and find ways of living with contradictory convictions.

excert from GOD IN LOVE UNITES US:
The Report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019

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