Join us a we go ‘on the trail of Easter’ with our interactive Easter story pack!

This FREE resource is designed for your to print and use at home (or in the park, your street or where ever else you can safely set it up). You could even include it as part of your Easter egg hunt!

Each sheet contains a QR Code that you can scan with a smart phone or tablet which can connect to the internet. It will then open a link to our YouTube channel where you can watch part of the Easter story being told.

On the trail location sheets there is space for you to write your own clues to locations or destinations, which allows you to customise it for where ever you choose to set it up.

The pack also contains a quiz sheet, scavenger hunt and some extra games and crafts to enhance the trail.

We’ve even included information on how this resource can be used for schools and larger groups! You can download the complete pack or individual sections below! Have fun